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NAID Certified Hard Drive Destruction Service

Did you know that simply erasing your hard drives does not guarantee that your private information is non-retrievable?

To ensure that your electronic information is secure, Docu Shred provides hard drive destruction just like your paper media. Hard drives are removed from the towers and shredded in our trucks for complete destruction. Serial numbers of the individual drives are recorded and a certificate of destruction is issued for a record of the destruction service.

Serial Number Logging

Unlike most competitors we don't just provide you with a Certificate of Destruction stating "Storage media was picked up from you office, destroyed and data cannot be recovered". This does not prove anything as it provides no record of which storae media was destroyed. Along with your Certificated of Destruction we provide you with a Serial Number Log for all the hard drives that we destroy.

If your organization is charged with a violation of privacy laws, a "Certificate of Destruction" provides you with no evidence of which hard drives were destroyed. Our Serial Number log along with our Certificate of Destruction will comply with those laws, thus providing you with the extra security you need when proof of compliance is needed.

Chain of Custody

Similar to Docushred's paper shredding services, we provide an unbroken chain of custody for media destruction. Our operators pick up the drives from your locked consoles and transport them to waiting trucks where they are destroyed on-site. A process that you can witness. A Certificate of Destruction is then issued providing you with proof that your hard drive has been properly destroyed.

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